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              Constitution Day


The fourth grade hosted a Constitution Day program for the school and community. The program began with students demonstrating the proper way to post the colors and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Fourth graders shared the purpose of the Constitution, information about the 3 North Carolinians who signed the US Constitution, and information about the American flag.  The fourth grade class ended the program by singing the Constitution Day song.  
A special announcement was made during the program.  Ms. Walton, Ms. Jenkins, and Ms. Shaw announced the Teacher of the Year, Kindergarten teacher Ms. Shirley Everett.  Ms. Everett was presented with a bouquet of flowers, balloons, and a crown.  Surprise visitors for the announcement were Ms. Everett's mother, brother, and friend.

Emergency Preparedness Program


 Megan Warren from the Northampton County Health Department visited the Kindergarten and 1st grade students at Willis Hare Elementary School.  Ms. Warren talked with the students about natural disasters and how to be prepared if a natural disaster happens in Northampton County.  The students were given coloring books that reinforced the strategies that Ms. Warren discussed with the students.


Grandparents' Day

The pictures do not fully explain the huge numbers of grandparents, great-grandparents and other family members who attended the luncheon.  130 students had at least 1 adult eat lunch with them.  Many of the students had 2 or more family members come out to eat with them. This was a great community event. 

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